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I coach you to accelerate progress no matter where you are professionally. I support and challenge you to define the impact you want and to attain maximum results. I help you increase confidence, sharpen your focus, gain stronger momentum and so much more. If you have a burning desire to make a change fearlessly, get in touch.

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Gain timely, top-notch advice and innovative ideas that will help you manage change and get effective managers recruited and become high-performing. I enable you step up higher by helping you ask the big questions, confidently navigate challenges and catalyze bold strategic moves with well articulated plans and processes and deal with other management challenges.

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High impact lessons and bite-sized learning that give you more edge, enables you to grow in leaps and bounds and to find your excellence. My classes and self-led courses equip you with actionable tips, user-friendly tools and targeted content. You’ll get principles and strategies that you can use to become high achieving and to improve yourself.

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The Guarantee

I won’t promise you the moon, but I can guarantee that you’ll grow and see results if you do your part…and my part?

  • I bring expertise and high quality experience honed over many years in top notch environments.
  • I am skilled at getting quickly to what matters so you don’t have to wonder if you’ll get results.
  • There is no lip service with me, I deliver on my commitment and expect the same from clients.
  • I focus on what you’ve got going for you and how to build on, expand and elevate those.
  • I give you tailored guidance and feedback that you can use to keep up your momentum

It’s a partnership, a collaboration, an alliance for YOUR success; success as defined by you.

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  • “Vera, thank you for the very enjoyable webinar with our women mentors on how to make the most of our roles and jobs. It was really insightful and our minds have been changed. Thank you for the opportunity to learn new insights”.

    Rose Mutesi, Executive Director, Young Women Mentors Network, Rwanda
  • “Vera was extremely creative and engaging. All our staff fully participated and embraced her leadership and strong ability to motivate and inspire during our employee team building event.”

    Douglas Lungu, Medical Director, Dae Yung Luke Hospital, Malawi
  • “When I started with Ascension I did not expect much because I had participated in many mentoring programmes before without gaining much. But I learnt so much that helped me get a better job and start my own business. In only 4 months with Ascension I have been able to put my life back on track. Ascension proved that mentoring programmes work.”

    Zanele Thabede, Research Officer, MSF, Swaziland
  • “Thank you Vera for discussing leadership in a new light with our student leaders. Much appreciated.”

    Adzo Amegayibor, Dean of Students (former), Ashesi University, Ghana
  • “Thank you for the coaching sessions. I have learnt a lot and more conscious and intentional in my approach to leadership and managing my team. Your tips and recommendations are invaluable. Wishing you strength as you step out each day to inspire others to excel as leaders.”

    Ekua Bartlett-Mingle, Team leader, Barclays Bank, Ghana
  • “Vera, I am grateful for your dedication to the coaching of our participants on the Standout women’s leadership programme.”

  • “Vera, I found the insights you shared with me during our coaching session really useful and very appropriate for me.”